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Singing Lessons

I’ve had many years of experience as a professional musician and worked on a variety of projects as a singer. This spans from session singing, guest vocals for various acts (including a track on Ministry Of Sound: Addicted To Bass), sample packs, syncs, and radio beds as well as original projects which have had significant airplay and online buzz over previous years.

I will do my very best to be flexible around your schedule and find a slot which suits you best, and can also reschedule if given appropriate notice as I do have a 48 hour cancellation policy. 

Each lesson is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual student. If you're interested in lessons get in touch now!


1 hour lesson - £35
30 minute lesson - £22


In lessons we'll focus on these areas and more: 


 When singing you need to breathe more efficiently than when speaking. Engaging the diaphragm will help you control your voice better, and allow you to sing with more power.

Mixed voice

This is your vocal register between your chest voice (speaking voice) and head voice. You may have tried to sing a high note and found that it hurt, and perhaps didn't sound too good either! This could be because you've strained your chest voice, instead of finding a lighter, and more controlled place, which is called mixed voice.


Beginners regularly sing with excessive breath. It can be helpful to think of your singing voice as the same mechanism as your speaking voice (because it is!). Doing exercises involving very natural sighing and yawning type sounds can be a good introduction to keeping your tone nice and full.

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