Piano Lessons
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I've had many years experience playing the piano, and have a lot of passion to throw into teaching. I specialise in teaching Jazz, RnB, Soul and Pop, and will work hard to help you become the best pianist you can be, focusing on technique, finger agility, chord knowledge, music theory, improvising, ear training and more.


I'll help you gain all the tools necessary to become a great player. This goes past just doing grades and playing music via notation. While this has many benefits, to become an accomplished all round player you need to also work on other areas, like your ability to improvise, and pick up songs quickly through ear training. The most important element however, is that you play what inspires you!


I will do my very best to be flexible around your schedule and find a slot which suits you best, and can also reschedule if given appropriate notice as I do have a 48 hour cancellation policy. 

Each lesson is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual student. If you're interested in lessons get in touch now!

1 hour lesson - £40
30 minute lesson - £28